Troubleshooting Keyboard Issue


I've recently ran into an issue with the keyboard on my alienware 15 laptop. One of the keys was not working (The D Key), and it would work intermittently. After reinstalling the drivers and whatnot, I figured it was a hardware problem. I then ordered a keyboard replacement on ebay and had it switched out.
When it first was switched, the key wouldn't work on the windows log-in screen, but would work once logged into windows. I'm not sure why..figured it was a driver issue. After reinstalling the driver, I'm having issues still. It decides to work sometimes, but most times it doesnt.
Overall, the D key is still not working on the new replacement keyboard. I have no idea why. The chances of the same key being malfunction in 2 pieces of hardware is unlikely. Plus it was working. Any ideas or suggestions?

Please help.

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